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Hello Nevada!!
My name is Chris Hyepock and it is an honor to stand next to you as we fight to take Nevada back. We have seen years of bad management, which has caused us to be at the top of every bad category and the bottom of every good category. It is time to change the direction and put politics aside and do what we get elected to do, which is to serve the people of Nevada. I am asking you to please stand with me and fight for the pride of our state and say NO MORE! Battle Born is not just a title. It stands for more than Nevada achieving statehood during the Civil War. I believe it is because the people of this state were born to battle and today we need to dig down deep and say NO MORE!!!

We have a chance to stand up and not allow Nevada to continue being the laughing stock of the nation, but to gain the respect among the nation and become the role-model state. “If THEY can do it, so can WE.” I am a working class individual that believes enough is enough. I do not have millions of dollars and I am not out of touch to reality. What I have is enough courage to stand up and be YOUR voice with ACTION! I cannot win this alone, but we can win this together. At the end of the day there are more of us, than there are of them. I need the support of every Nevadan that believes in what I stand for to take a place beside me. This race will not be won on dollars alone; this race will be won on the people taking Nevada back.

Thank you Nevada… Let’s go to Work!!